Tube Bending

BLM Group E52 Tubing Bender

Strategically located directly across the floor from our large format tube laser sits our tube bending center.

We can produce precise, high quality bends in round, square, or rectangular tubing. Great for the furniture industry or any product requiring complex multi-shaped multi-bend tubular components. All electric drives deliver consistent accuracy form batch to batch. More complex shapes delivered by the automatic switching between right and left hand bending.

  • Maximum OD of 2″ Diameter
  • Mandrel or Non-mandrel Bending
  • Push Bending of Large Radii
  • CNC Tube Bending
  • Exact Rplication of Tube Bending Settings From Batch to Batch
  • Automatically Switch Between Right and Left Hand Bends on the Same Setup
  • Eliminates Secondary Bending Operations (or welding bends together)

Let RiverCity Industries take care of all of your tubing components – From high production tube laser parts – direct to our tubing bender.